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In our endeavours to upgrade our system, our representing County Councillor declared at a meeting, that, "Dunshaughlin fire engine was so slow the firemen had to go to fires on bicycles"!! Frank Hall caricatured these events in his 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' on R.T.E. (Irelands National Television Broadcaster) - firemen on bicycles pulling a water-squirting elephant in a trailer.

From there the only way was up - we got our first new Dennis in 1969. Seven years later we gladly said goodbye to the siren with the arrival of pocket- alerters. Our new station was opened in 1978 and a new Dennis Fire Engine arrived the following year.

Main Street, Dunshaughlin,
Co. Meath, Ireland

Since then, the whole operation has become very professional and has a very experienced crew. While a high percentage of our calls involve R.T.A's (road traffic accidents), we have attended four plane crashes in our area. Our busiest year shows 250 calls.

I would like to thank all of the firemen, past and present, for their service through the years and welcome you to our official web site.

New site launched 9/12/09

A welcome message from Station Officer, Paul Foley.

In 1956, with Christy Foley as station officer and a crew of five, Dunshaughlin Fire Brigade was formed. Our 'appliance' was a mere handcart, which had to be pushed around the village.

The early sixties saw the arrival of our first 'engine' - a small truck with a wooden box built on the back for the crew - reminiscent of 'Dad's Army'. To add to our embarrassment, a siren was our mode of callout, which alerted not only the firemen but also the entire population of the village! Imagine our red faces on one occasion as we blazed our way to a fire at 30mph, bells ringing and a bus passes us by!

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